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Collection Summaries

Each PDF file is a page in the Collection Notebook found in the docent closet. You will find brief information about the artist, work in KIA collection and a thumbnail image of the work.

Note: Check “Docent Papers” for more information and/or additional artists. Files are organized alphabetically by artist (a few names have typos)

Docent Papers

Traditional Arts then Alphabetical Order by Artist Name 
Short papers by candidate docents on works in the KIA’s collection. Special thanks to Frank Wolf (docent class of 2009-10) for scanning and converting decades of docent papers into PDFs!


Alten, Mathias – Summer Landscape (2019)

African Yoruba People

Arts and Crafts Movement, by Patrick Norris

El Anatsui, by Ann Mark

Avery, Milton, by Pam Boudreau


Bearden, Romare-The Blue Pool (2019)

Bearden, Romare – The Lantern

Bertoia, Harry, by Paula Shelhamer

Browning, Colleen-The Tourist (2019)

Butterfield, Deborah – Hoku


Caesar, Doris – Young Girl With Upraised Arms

Cassatt, Mary-The Fitting (2019)

Cassett, Mary – In the Garden

Castellion And the Red Death

Catlett, Elizabeth-Survivor (2019)

Chaffee, Oliver – Paula Shelhamer-Rue de Paradis final

Chaffee, Oliver-Rue de Paradis (2019)

Copley, John Singleton – Mars, Venus, and Vulcan: The Forge of Vulcan (2019)

Cropsey, J.F., by Michelle Curry


Dali, Salvador – Sandy Ford-Venus au Bain final

DeMartelly, John – Looking at the Sunshine

Diebenkorn, Richard – news Paper Article

Diebenkorn, Richard – The Sleeping Woman

Diebenkorn, Richard-Sleeping Woman (2019)

Duncanson, Robert – Heart of the Andes


Enneking, John – Spring Landscape

Evergood, Philip – by Joann Dodson


Fielding, Jed-Naples #709 (2019)

Fish, Janet – June

Fish, Janet – June2

Fish, Janet – June3 hw

Fish, Janet-June (2019)

Fish, Janet-June (2019)

Floch, Joseph – Seated Woman hw

Frankenthaler, Helen – Code Blue

Frankenthler, Helen – Blue Code2 hw


Goodnough, Robert – bio

Goodnough, Robert – Symphony 1986

Goodnough, Robert – Symphony2 hw

Gordon, Harvey – David’s Room

Gordon, Russell T.-Hot Dog Bridge (2019)


Hansen, Steve

Hansen, Stephen – Dysfunctional Family Tree

Homer, Winslow – Woman with Child


Ireland, Patrick, by Martha Jamieson

Ireland, Patrick – Promenade


Jackard, Jerald, by Christine Dorsey

Jackard, Jerald – Passing of a Colored Volume

Juergens, Alfred-Twilight (2019)


Kawase, Hasui – Morning on Daikon Gashi (Daikon Wharf) Twenty Views of Tokyo (2019)

Kearns, Jerry-Right of Way (2019)

Kentridge, William-The Nose (2019)

Kline, Franz – Red Crayon

Kline, Franz – Red Crayon, by Scott Peterson

Kollwitz, Kathe


Lange, Dorothea – Migrant Mother, by James Carter

Lawrence, Jacob, by Harvey Myers

Lowder, Dwayne


MacGowan, Steven – Choice, No Choice

Mahler, Perin- Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil (2019)

Marshall, Ulysses, by Brenda Turner

Mcdougall, Ida – Study.Pink2

McLane, Myrtle – Mother and Child


Newman, Kirk – People

Newman, Kirk – Newman2

Newman, Kirk – People (2019)




Park, David – news paper article

Park, David – Woman with Coffeepot

Park, David – Woman with Coffeepot2

Park, David – Woman with Coffeepot3 hw

Park, David – Women with Coffeepot

Pre-Columbian Pottery


Rauschenberg, Robert – Airport

Ringgold, Faith, by Marian Fisher

Rockwell, Norman, by Karen Vosburg – He’s Going to be Taller Than Dad final

Ruffino, Tamayo, by Brenda Turner

Ruscha, Edward, by Jan Wolf

Russell, Charles – Trail Boss (2019)


Schadler, Koo – Self Portrait

Sloan, John

Smith, Hughie-Lee – Spectators

Smith, Hughie-Lee – The Spectators2 hw

Sonntag, William – Landscape

Stackhouse, Robert – Michigan Swell (2019)

Stella, Joseph – Dog on a Balcony (2019)

Suba, Miklos


Tiffany Glass

Tiffany, Louis, by Susan Baker-Woodbine lamp


Utrillo, Maurice – Paysage


Wickenden, Robert – A Cold Cup of Water

Williamson, Philemona-Tender Breeze (2019)

Wood, Marcia- Procession

Warhol, Andy – Kay Davis-General Custer final