As we reflect on this past year, it’s hard not to dwell on the difficulties of 2020. Instead, we choose to focus on the triumphs that have risen through the challenges. This does not negate the impact that our community faced, including us, when called to find new ways to re-think and re-tool our mission, programs, and services.

If we had to choose a theme for this year’s Annual Fund campaign, it would be the proof is in the art. Together, we have proven that art is healing and brings a sense of peace and transformation for everyone. We have proven that art can inspire us face-to-face and screen-to-screen. We have proven that art fulfills our desire to be united as a community.

When you make a gift to the KIA 2021 Annual Fund, you will be contributing to the continuation of our already beloved programs, world class exhibitions and educational classes and workshops for all ages. As we prepare to open Unveiling American Genius, the reimagining of our permanent collection, we move forward with hope for our collective futures. This collection, that is your collection, showcases the diversity of our experiences as Americans and illuminates the stories that show us where we have been and where we want to go in the future.

With your generosity, all that we aim to accomplish is made possible for today and tomorrow.

From our heart to yours