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Dear Friends, 

Resilience, a seemingly simple word that defines itself in a deeper meaning. Not only to what is “normal”, but through challenge brings change and the ability to spring back.  With this, the KIA has been propelled forward into the next phase.

Whether you have been part of creating your own masterpieces, learning from master artists, or taking in the work of masters, your support guarantees that art remains abundant at the KIA. 

Our success is because of the team, members, donors, volunteers and the greater community. I am confident that as we continue our momentum we will launch into the next chapter of prosperity. 

When you make a gift to the Annual Fund, you are contributing to the continuation of our already beloved programs, world class exhibitions and educational classes and workshops for all ages.

Thank you for your resilience and all that it brings to the KIA. 

From our heart to yours.

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Text ArtLover to 44321 


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For confidential giving call 269-585-9297 or 269-349-7775


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“Your gifts are crucial to showing why the KIA collection is a living treasure within the Kalamazoo community.  Gifts like yours introduce future generations to art that inspires, fulfills and transforms.

– Rehema Barber, Chief Curator

“I like that I have a reputable and a great instructor. He does not go around the bushes because he can tell you right away when you are doing something wrong and in a very professional way, and he will advise you on how to do it better. I believe that being at the Kirk Newman Art School has improved my  painting through the years.”

– Ven Sandoval, student of 6 years

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“I conceive of art education as an imperative part of understanding and engaging with the world. It allows us to study the past and observe the present. And perhaps more importantly, it encourages us to imagine a future that is brimming with the potential, possibilities, and hope. ”

– Dr. Eunice Uhm, KIA/Kalamazoo College Postdoctoral Fellow

Philemona Williamson, Tender Breeze, 2008, oil on linen. Collection of the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts. Purchased in memory of Martha Parfet through the generosity of her estate, 2018.

Marcia Wood, Untitled (Fire), n.d., acrylic on canvas. Collection of the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, Elisabeth Claire Lahti Fund purchase.

Kenoujuak Ashevak, Spectacular Ravens, 2003, stone cut print. Collection of the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts. Gift of Jayne Clement, 2014.