Rhythms of Abstraction: Landscape Duets of Arnold Chang and Michael Cherney

March 16, 2020 - June 19, 2020

This exhibition features 20 works, both solo and collaborative, by two artists working in complementary mediums to explore the landscape of China through painting and photography.

Chinese-ink painter Arnold Chang and photographer Michael Cherney have been creating work together since 2007, exploring the differences and highlighting the similarities between their mediums. Rhythms of Abstraction features works combining contemporary painting and photography, but rooted in the traditions of Chinese painting. Cherney’s poetic vision and “painterly” style evoke the rhythms of nature, while Chang’s keen interest is in the abstract art of Chinese literati brush-and-ink painting technique. In their collaborative works, Cherney’s photographs form the first stage for Chang’s painted compositions, creating ingenious visual dialogues.

The exhibition and program are supported by the Joy Light East Asian Art Acquisition and Exhibition Fund.

Rhythms of Abstraction