Luminescence: From Salvage to Seascape, Sculpture by Sayaka Ganz

November 19, 2016 - March 19, 2017

Created specifically for the KIA, this installation of colorful and glowing jellyfish, coral, kelp, and one dramatic whale will transport you to a fanciful ocean realm. The Japanese-born Sayaka Ganz is guided by her sensitivity to nature, and the human habit of wastefulness. Ganz rescues and repurposes plastic utensils and household items as the material of her sculptural creations. She is drawn to animal forms that convey a sense of movement and spirit. Slotted spoons and colanders gain a second life as luminescent sea creatures that invite us to reexamine our relationship to the natural world, perhaps with special attention to the problem of plastics washing into our oceans. Visitors to Environmental Impact (Spring 2014) will recall Ganz’s trio of suspended, swimming polar bears.

Sayaka Ganz