In Search of Motion: John Cavanaugh/Sculptor 1921-1985

September 19, 2009 - November 8, 2009

This exhibition chronicles John Cavanaugh’s prolific work in ceramics, bronze, and lead. He explored these materials through various themes that seemed to erupt throughout his career, such as the poignant female and male figures, cats and horses, mothers and daughters, lovers and partners, and his delightfully humorous pieces. He introduced a method of shaping metal by hammering at the outside edges of a lead sheet and working toward the center. This innovative technique allowed him to present an energetic and dramatic figurative expression. His creative handling of materials–particularly hammered lead–challenges our perception of motion.

This exhibition was organized and made possible through the resources and generosity of The John Cavanaugh Foundation.

In Search of Motion
In Search of Motion In Search of Motion In Search of Motion In Search of Motion