Birds of a Feather: John Costin and John James Audubon

March 24, 2012 - June 24, 2012

Separated by roughly two centuries, John James Audubon and John Costin both produced spectacular portfolios recording the splendor of American birds. This exhibition pairs images of species featured in Costin’s Large Florida Birds project with the corresponding work by Audubon. Costin’s portfolio is a recent donation to the KIA collection from Brent Garback and Linda Tremblay. The Audubon prints are from the 1971 Theatrum, Orbis Terrarum, Amsterdam, reprint of the original Birds of America publication, and are on loan from Kalamazoo College. The portfolio was a gift to Kalamazoo College’s A.M. Todd Rare Book Room collection by Mrs. Merrill Taylor.

Olin & Muriel Prather Charitable Foundation,
Trustee Thomas T. Huff

John James Audubon, Black-bellied Darter (common name: Anhinga), pl. 316, lithograph from the 1971 Theatrum, Orbis Terrarum, Amsterdam
John Costin, Anhinga, 1998, hand-colored etching from the Large Florida Birds portfolio