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ARTbreak: Mary Hatch – How I Found My Muse Hiding in Plain Sight

July 12, 2022 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Paul Cezanne, reputed to be the father of Modern Art, believed the source of his creativity came from within, by way of his senses, his inner self & his unconscious mind. And George Sakkal makes a compelling case in his book Cuvism: Cognitive Unconscious Visual Creativity that scientific studies show our unconscious mind is the source of our creative ideas. 

Mary Hatch feels she has finally found a way to access this mysterious inner world that arrives without words. She will share the discoveries that she has made during her artistic journey and through the publishing of ART SPEAKS: Paintings and Poetry with poet Elizabeth Kerlikowske.

Hatch has been making pictures for as long as she can remember. Sometimes in academic settings like painting & life drawing classes as a teenager or as an Art Major in college or studying a painting traveling around & stopping when she found an interesting subject. Hatch feels it is absolutely true that you never stop learning, and was delighted when she realized she can make art using a computer. Hatch spent an entire summer learning how to create prints with her computer and printer, a solution she feels solved her problems with traditional printmaking. Some of these digitally created works were on display in the West Michigan Area Show 2021, and Hatch will discuss this growing aspect of her practice

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